Quel type de spa jacuzzi pouvez-vous acheter ?

As we previously noted, there are a myriad of types of Jacuzzis hot tubs. Here are the essential characteristics of each of the types listed above.

The swim spa

The popularity of swim spas continues to increase. More and more people choose them for their practicality. The swim spa combines two main functions.

First of all, you can practice the same sports activities there as in a swimming pool. Secondly, the swim spa is a real source of relaxation. Some swim spas are a minimum of three to four meters long, others six meters, others ten.

Another special feature of the swim spa is that you can swim against the current. This is possible thanks to their mechanism of high pressure water jets which create this opposing current. It is interesting to note that the pressure of this counter-current is adjustable: you can increase or decrease it.

It is also possible to combine it with other accessories, such as aquamusculation, which accentuates the invigorating effect of swimming against the tide. With room for up to 15 people, the swim spa can easily be transformed into family pools.

The inflatable spa

Like the swim spa, inflatable spas are on the rise. You can assemble and disassemble them at will. Therefore, inflatable spas are suitable for people who do not have enough space.

Available in several models and at an affordable price, they allow you to create a setting of rest and relaxation anytime and anywhere. Whether in your garden, on your patio or even in a public place, you will only need a few minutes to install an inflatable jacuzzi spa.

A reasonable amount of air and water, a few adjustments and room for a good swim. As for the number of places, we can find mainly four and six places. The four-person inflatable hot tubs are 196cm outside and 145cm inside. The six-seater, on the other hand, is 216cm outside and 165cm inside.

Once inflated, the inflatable spa can come in many forms. You can get round (or octagonal), square and hexagonal. There are also several colors: beige, black, gray, blue, navy blue, light blue, white… A pure wonder! You will inevitably find an inflatable spa that will perfectly match your tastes.

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